Connect With Mahoganie Jewel

  • Simply want personalized help finding the right shade/color(s) for you?
  • Need to learn how to apply your own makeup and get techniques to make your everyday look pop? 
  • Want private lessons on how to apply natural & beauty makeup for your teen aged daughter?  
  • Desire an awesome Halloween look?
Are your kids looking to clown around at their next birthday party with face paints?
 Let me help.  EMAIL ME!  I would love to assist you with your makeup needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!
 While some do use makeup to hide, I believe it is best used when it enhances the beauty we feel on the inside, and helps us to propel that inner beauty & confidence out in to the world.
Initially I was drawn to makeup because of its diversity.  It allows us the possibility to activate our inner fierceness, permitting us to exude the inner confidence that sometimes hides. But more than helping us to feel confident, it can be used to make us laugh, allow us to be goofy, or simply help to make us feel pretty!  
Sadly some do not know how to tap into the abundance of options makeup allows! That's what I will assist you with!!! 
I offer one on one's to help teach you how to tap into your inner fierceness, one beauty stroke at a time.  I teach the simple techniques that will allow you to become your own makeup artist, allowing you to tap into your well of confidence, whenever you wish!
I love how versatile and fun makeup can be, and I am drawn in by how it makes me feel. I hope to share my love of makeup with you!  ---Mahoganiejewel