Well...You may already know that The Freestyle Beauty Network is the beauty-inspiring online marketplace connecting retail exhibitors to consumers via interactive live shows, featuring games, contest and and attractive prizes -- but -- do you really understand what we we do?! 

Let's keep it simple with answers to a few of our Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Host? 
Our Hosts showcase beauty products and related merchandise of interest to them in cheeky interactive ways for their customers.

What type of products do Hosts sale? 
Whatever beauty products they love and want to make available to you! To be more specific, let's talk about exhibitor, Mahoganie Jewel: She LOVES to offer her favorite discounted makeup straight from the manufactures. Shop her collection for bright, bold and affordable factory-direct cosmetics.

What do you mean by 'interactive' live shows? 
The simplest way to put it -- live shows are virtual parties! Our hosts are empowered to offer you unique shopping experiences. Participants in the live shows win fabulous gifts beauty products, and much more. No purchases are necessary to win--that's right! While your purchases do qualify you for certain games, there are ways to win by simply tuning in. We recommend that you bookmark our live show tracker page to keep an eye on your favorite exhibitor(s) show times.

What type of contests and games do you play?  
Now what fun would it be if we told you that?! You have to catch a live show and let the games begin. Don't worry--the hosts will tell you all you need to know when it's your turn to play. We will excite you by letting you know that the extra goodies aren't always beauty products. Participants can win items such as gift cards to their favorite coffee houses and much more.

What is a pre-order? 
Our hosts may offer items for sale in their collections prior to the product's release date. It is very important to note that any item that is not in stock with TFBN, and is sold on pre-order, is subject to delayed shipping. 

If you love to shop on-trend beauty products, and the thought of your purchases qualifying you for extra goodies excites you, then you are in the right place! Most of our customers have been referred to our site by an exhibitor. If you found us on your own, just browse our exhibitor collections for products in-stock or available for pre-order sale. 

Interested in becoming an hosts for The Freestyle Beauty Network!? Click here to complete our simple Exhibitor Application Request Form. This is the first step in getting to know each other.