What is a Retail Exhibitor? 
Host, vendor, merchant -- not exactly...Our Exhibitors showcase beauty products and related merchandise of interest to them in cheeky interactive ways for their customers.

What type of products do Exhibitors sale? 
Whatever beauty products they love and want to make available to you! To be more specific, let's talk about Exhibitor, Mahoganie Lafranks: She LOVES discounted makeup straight from the manufactures. Shop her collection for bright, bold and affordable factory-direct cosmetics.

What do you mean by 'interactive' live shows? 
The simplest way to put it -- live shows are virtual parties! Our Exhibitors are empowered to offer you a unique shopping experience. Participants in the live shows win fabulous gifts beauty products, and much more.

What is a pre-order? 
Our Exhibitors may offer items for sale in their collections prior to the product's release date. It is very important to note that any item that is not in stock with TFBN, and is sold on pre-order, is subject to delayed shipping.