Product Spotlight

Unlimited sponsorships available / $250-1,900 (Per Post)

Looking for an easy way to gain exponential brand exposure on the Freestyle Beauty Network? Get your product(s) spotlighted through social media posts, website homepage display, and Host broadcasts. 

Backdrops & Props 

3 sponsorships available/ $1250 + Material Costs (Per Host)

Ensure that your brand is seen in a fun and exciting way by sponsoring the set design of your favorite host(s). Our creative team will work diligently to help bring the vision of your brand to life during live shows.

In-Kind Giveaways 

Unlimited sponsorships available/ Free Product + Shipping & Handling Fees (Per Giveaway)

Get in on the Freestyle Beauty Network action by offering up free product as prizes for our giveaway winners. You supply the product plus cover the cost of shipping and handling -- we'll take care of the rest. 

Take the Lead  

Unlimited sponsorships available / Free Product + $250 (Per Giveaway)

Capture potential customer data through our unique lead generation opportunity -- we play the games, while you award the winners' prizes direct.